Types of smoke damage after the fire damage in your house


After the fire breaks out in any building, it can be extinguished but the los angeles fire damage can last for a long time. These damages include soot, smoke, charring and unwanted odors. Theses unwanted odors smell bad and can permeate into fabrics and other materials. Calling a fire damage restoration expert is the most suitable solution of getting rid off these unwanted odors. These experts have different compounds and odor removing items that can help in odor removal in a very little time.


Types of smoke damage after the fire


A building that has suffered the smoke damage must be cleaned properly because smoke can cause corrosion, discoloration and etching. An unwanted and pungent smell of smoke is also a part of the smoke damage. Here we would discuss some types of los angeles smoke damage that must be treated as soon as possible.


  • Protein residues smoke damage


The protein residues smoke damages have most powerful pungent smells that are difficult to eliminate. Special compounds are needed to eliminate/remove these smoke odors. This residue is invisible but it readily discolors paints/varnishes.


  • Moist residues smoke damage


If fires are smoldered with low temperatures then the result is moist residues smoke damage. These residues are sticky in nature and are grimy. They have strong pungent odors that do not smell good. These odors can be eliminated with help of ozone generators and different compounds.


  • Dry residues smoke damage


This type of smoke damage occurs when fires burn quickly at high temperatures. The results are dusty, small-grained, dry and powdery smoke particles with an odor, this odor is not strong as compared to earlier ones but it must be eliminated as soon as possible.


  • Fuel oil soot smoke damage


When oil heaters, boilers and furnaces burn in fire, the result is fuel oil soot damage.

The smoke elimination and the ozone generators


The most commonly used device for odor removal is ozone generator. The ozone generators are used foe elimination of odors from the fire damaged buildings. The major disadvantage of these generators are that the damage the fibrous materials.

Dry vapor technology for elimination of smoke odors

This technology uses the dry vapors to eliminate the smoke odors that are unwanted. In this technology, the molecules of a specific compound volatizes into the air and interact with the odor molecules. After this interaction, these molecules neutralize the odor molecules and make them inactive. In this way the unwanted odors from the odor generating elements can be removed.


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