Categories of Water Damage


That’s where the categories of los angeles water damage come in. These four categories permit us to portray the definite damage that is being done to your home and helps you to explain the situation to both us here at OHI and to your insurance company.

  • Category no 1 Water Damage (Slow Evaporation Rate): Water losses that influence only part of a area, or losses with subordinate porosity materials (particle board, structural wood, VCT). Little or no wet carpet or padding is present. Minimum moisture is absorbed by materials, releasing moisture slowly.
  • Category 2 Water Damage – (Fast Evaporation Rate): Water losses that influence an entire room or carpet and cushion. Water has picked up walls 12? – 24”. There is moisture remaining in structural materials (e.g particleboard and structural wood, concrete).
  • Category 3 Water Damage – (Fastest Evaporation Rate): Water may have come from overhead. Ceilings, walls, lagging, rug, mitigate and sub-floor in the whole area are saturated.
  • Category 4 Water harm – (Specialty Drying Conditions): These comprise of damp materials with very low porosity (hardwood, plaster, brick, concrete, stone). Characteristically, there are subterranean pockets of diffusion, which requires very low specific humidity.

Again, the significant thing to keep in mind is that a class 1 situation can rapidly become a Category 4 situation — all it takes is a proprietor who lets things get worse due to carelessness. The good news is that the more you know and do before OHI get there on the scene, the smoother the process would be.

If you have any kind of questions about the classes of both water and water harm that we’ve detailed above, leave a comment in the comment section. If you are experiencing water harm to your home yourself, get in contact with us so one of our professionals can come take a look at your state of affairs as soon as possible.

These four main categories of los angeles water damage are very informative for a normal person as a normal man does not know about these types. These all types of damages are not good for your building or home as they spoil and harm your rooftops, walls and your furniture too. Everyone should have information and knowledge about these four main types in order to save their furniture etc from these water damages and mold. Mold is also not good for furniture etc.



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